Traffic Jams


So what do you do when you’re stuck in the middle of the road??

While on our two week adventure to Canada last summer we had the amazing opportunity to go visit Northern Lights Wolf Centre. It was absolutely amazing! A definitely MUST see. But, on the way back from Golden to Banff we came to a grinding halt. To turn a round and go back to the closest exit would take us two hours out of the way to get back to the highway, but there was no sign that we would be moving anytime soon.

So, you have to get creative. Here’s just a few examples of things you can do to pass the time.

  • Climb on top of the car and pretend your a lookout meerkat. (See above photo)
  • Guess what’s causing the delay. Wreck? Aliens? Bears mauling tourists?
  • Throw food at each other and try to catch it in your mouth.
  • Discuss the cause of death of the beloved children’s character Curious George. It’s definitely not what you think it is… Believe me. 
  • Talk strategy tactics for 1010. (The world’s most addicting game.)
  • Read ‘Game of Thrones’ aloud, and you must do all the voices.
  • Make every annoying sound in the world possible.
  • Devise a zombie apocalypse survival strategy while only using what supplies you have in the car.
  • Figure out the tastiest way to devour the other people traveling with you. (Incase your zombie plan doesn’t go so well)
  • Lock all the windows and then take off your unbearably disgusting shoes and socks.
  • Generally, just mess with Sadie.

I mean there is also the usual family-friendly things as well, but this is just what we happened to come up with.

Happy Travels!


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